Fragments: The reality of Becoming Plastic. It is like its own invasive species that we have created. What we have created is now in our food chain. The repercussions not really comprehensible, we are at the beginning of the plastic era – what ‘plastic’ attributed diseases may come we can only speculate. Performance, video and editing by Angie Lazaro.
Our ‘Inner Fish’, the theory that we evolved from fish. Our limbs differentiate us from fish, yes it is these evolutionary limbs that have created and continue to create plastic that is already in the food chain. Animation by Angie Lazaro.
Becoming Plastic. Plastic waste toxins are already filtering within us and onto the unborn. Human becoming plastic. Animation by Angie Lazaro.
Becoming Plastic: the human struggle with plastic pollution. Human becoming plastic vs plastic becoming human. Performance video and editing by Angie Lazaro.
> 21 Days: A Lockdown Experience (2022) is an embodied video performance. The video references the pervasive feeling of being under surveillance and the futility of the daily routine and repetitive actions. This absurd existence resonates with the myth of Sisyphus. Sisyphus was condemned to roll a rock up a mountain for an eternity; as soon as it reached the top, it would roll back down.